Increasing Your Return On Investment

  1. Refinance Your Current Property to Buy Additional Property
    • This can be a great wealth-increasing option, utilizing the power of leverage, for those that hold even modest equity in their current property. This can allow one to acquire additional appreciating basis without having to sell their curent property.
  2. 1031 Tax-Deferred Exchange
    • A 1031 Exchange is a good move for investors who want to make their current equity work better for them in a more valuable property. Making this move will ensure greater cash flow and equity growth in future years.
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  3. Improving/Fixing Up Your Building
    • Making a few upgrades to your building will greatly increase your ability to generate higher rents. The better condition and higher rents will also increase the value of your property.
    • These upgrades may include such improvements as:
      • Replacing deteriorated fascia board
      • Roof work/replacement
      • Plumbing fixtures
      • Painting exterior/interior of the property
      • Refacing/painting cabinets
      • Landscaping
      • Ceiling fans
      • Bathroom Vanities
      • New Toilets
      • New Shower Doors
  4. Raise Your Rents
    • Far too many owners of investment properties allow their tenants to pay below-market rents. Often times this is because the tenants have lived there a long time and a relationship has developed between landlord and tenant.
    • Remember, when you bought the property you did it for financial reasons. If you keep the condition up, you deserve fair market rents.
  • Apartments Vs. Single Family
    • Investment in apartments almost always offers greater returns as opposed to single family properties
    • It also allows for easier management due to the consolidation of numerous units