About Bob Walz

In 1978, following a 10-year career in mechanical engineering, Bob discovered his passion for real estate, a passion that continues to this day. He began his real estate career with another brokerage firm spending four years acquiring training and developing his expertise in the field of real estate. Then, in 1982, he founded his own company, “New Dimension Investment Properties”, specializing in the Purchase, Sale, and 1031 Exchange of Apartment Properties. Since then, Bob has painstakingly – and not without much sweat and a little heartache – pushed himself to become the best and to become the Leader in the Apartment Investment Field in Orange County.

Bob will tell you that the real estate business has changed significantly since he entered the field. At the beginning of his career, only one or two forms were required to complete an entire transaction and the use of computers was just beginning. Today, approximately 50 to 75 forms and/or disclosures are required to complete a transaction as well as specialized on-line marketing and complex contract preparation.

Bob has experienced enormous growth in the real estate business since his early days and, in that process, has acquired extensive knowledge specifically tailored to apartment investments. You will benefit greatly from his expertise and business sense as he advises you and guides you through the myriad of potential challenges that often arise in offer and counter offer negotiations, completion of purchase contracts, property pricing, property inspections, tenant issues, financing, property appraisals and 1031 Exchanges. He will assist you in filling out numerous compulsory forms and disclosures as required. When buying, selling or exchanging your apartments, you can rely on Bob to simplify matters and lead you through the process.

Bob is not content with the status quo as he is always looking for ways to improve his service, become more organized and improve efficiency. He has definite ideas as to how to run his business and his office. Every aspect of Bob’s business is designed to assist his clients in making wise decisions and is well thought out to provide you with excellent service – unmatched in the real estate profession.

Bob’s business sense tells him that the most important element in his relationship with an investor is Trust. He wants to continue to advise you down the line as you trade up and build your wealth and assets. You will sense his commitment and enthusiasm. You will refer your friends, associates and fellow investors. Bob has a strong sense of ethics. He will advise you against completing transactions that he truly feels won’t result in the optimum outcome for you. To Bob, earning a client’s trust is far more important than earning a commission. Bob’s conscience wouldn’t let him do it any other way.